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TYPHOON RELIEF - PHILIPPINES ***************************
Architectural Design Support ***************************
BEER BREWING STANDS ***************************
316L Stainless Steel ***************************
Powder Coated ***************************
Channel - Strut Sections ***************************
C-CHANNEL ***************************
Clamps ***************************
Clevis Pipe Hangers ***************************
Beam Clamps ***************************
Rooftop Pipe Supports ***************************
Nuts - Strut ***************************
Thermal Expansion Device ***************************
Fasteners ***************************
Threaded Rod ***************************
Fittings ***************************
Hinges ***************************
Floor Mounting Plates ***************************
Floor Mounting Pads ***************************
Shelf Brackets ***************************
Concrete Inserts ***************************
End Caps, Closure Strips, Foam Strips ***************************
Raised Access Floors ***************************
Material Handling ***************************
Cable Tray Trapeze ***************************

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No Questions Asked Return Policy

We welcome the return, with no questions asked, of:

 ·         Surplus items:  Standard stock items (excluding strut channel, fasteners, and stainless steel items) that are excess to your project needs may be returned for full value credit. 

o   Buy now what you anticipate needing for your project with the peace of mind that any surplus can be easily returned.

o   The available return period of 90 days from date of purchase is limited to a maximum of 10% of your order dollar volume during that period.

o   Items must be in new, unused condition.

o   Items purchased in bundle quantities shall be valued for return at bundle unit pricing.

o   Items purchased by the box shall be valued at box unit pricing.

o   G-P LLC will provide the requisite Return Authorization paperwork for the items being returned.

o   All returning items shall be shipped via G-P LLC’s designated shipping carrier.

o   G-P LLC will arrange for the return of the items utilizing our designated shipping carrier.

o   G-P LLC will deduct the freight actual costs from credit due customer, with credit paid in 14-days after receipt and acceptance. 

·        Items found to be unsuitable for your application, in good condition:


o   Please let us know how the parts were unable to suit your application and how we can better serve your needs in the future.

·         Defective items:


o   Like replacement items shall be expedited to the customer at earliest availability.  If the item is not in stock, a special order, or obsolete we will offer suitable immediately available replacement parts upon customer approval.  If delivery will be delayed, we offer a full refund of the item(s) cost or the option to place the item on back order, asper customer's choice.

o   G-P LLC will accept responsibility for both return and replacement shipping freight costs is the shipment is made within the continental United States, unless the customer has negotiated off-shore site locations for delivery.

·         Special order items:


o   All sales on special order items, including but not limited to large quantity stock item orders, customer designs, special finishes, stainless steel, cut to specification, et cetera, are final and those items do not qualify for return.  If you are uncertain that a special order product may satisfy your requirements, you are encouraged to ask for a sample to confirm the product will meet the design intent.


    Notes on all return shipments:

    • We shall accept no responsibility for any inconvenience or other real costs that our customers may incur directly or indirectly because of defect caused by items we have provided.  Great care is taken to avoid having defects ever reach our customers, so please advise whenever you see something questionable with our products.
    • Our intent is to be your reliable, quality, low cost supplier and we cannot accept special charges for errors, omissions, or other possible damages other than outlined in our return policy. 
    • Our goal is always to respond within 12 hours of a written or phone return request.  If we make a mistake or you have an emergency, we will strive to keep and win your continued business. 

      Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional service and value.  If you do not receive the level of service or reasonable solutions to return of any items please contact Thomas E. Gleason, Managing Partner at tfmmetal@gmail.com or sales@strutchannelfittings.com and you may call 24/7 @ 001-386-795-7213