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5G micro wave/radio investment of nearly $1.0 Trillion in 2019 - 2022 requires antennas and boosters every 500 feet.  G-P LLC Solar LED Smart Street Lights are best in North America for 5G power and pole attachment.  G-P customers have proven our solar LED street lights to be highly reliable 24/7 with zero  failures in the hot S.E. and S.W. United States.  Our Solar Led Street Lights have 84.0Ah of lithium battery and smart controller insuring power to 5G antenna and booster units.  G-P even offers CCTV cameras and audio able to control up to 250 units with one controller...providing reliable 5/G communication and data even with grid power failures.  Using grid powered street lights and utility poles will not provide emergency power to support 5G when grid is down.  Be smart with G-P Smart Solar LED Street Lights.

Foreign commercial and government clients:  Let us help you with long-term financing on your solar powered building materials, your island's solar powered micro-grid electric systems with battery storage, hydroponics farming systems,  hurricane proof modular building systems, and salt water desalination solar powered systems.  Cut energy, housing, and water costs & build your economy.


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President Donald J. Trump: A solar wall on the Mexican border could pay for itself

Posted by Erin Burnett OutFront on Friday, June 23, 2017


US Mexico Border Wall Prototypes Of Solar Power Energy

Solar-Powered Border Wall

Las Vegas Review-Journal