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Lancaster, CA - First US City to Require Solar

Posted by Tom on 4/23/2013
March 27, 2013 Lancaster, California City Council approved changes to the city's zoning code requiring housing developers to install solar on every new home.  Lancaster lawmakers have taken many other actions over the years to make solar to power every home a reality today.  The city of Lancaster has issued bonds to fund residential and commercial solar projects and have encouraged large utility grade solar projects to build in their area.  There are dozens of other cities in the USA modeling their solar developments like the City of Lancaster,  but their should be thousands.

Many US cities have taken action to improve the quality of their air and ended up with lower cost, more reliable service, such as San Francisco requiring most taxi cabs to be hybrids that has cut fuel costs, nearly eliminated brake failures and monthly replacements with regen braking and giving the taxi cab drivers $60-$80 more in their pocket at the end of each shift because of low fuel consumption.  With the Escape and Prius Hybrid's, ten years of reliability and low operating costs, why not require everybody drive a hybrid until the time comes when all electric vehicles have proven advantages.  Is your city just talking or are they trying to make a difference like Lancaster and San Francisco.

Our government is spending many billions on renewable energy and offer rebates of up to 30% on commercial projects and big tax benefits on residential.  Imagine, the possibilities for renewable energy, if your community backed and funded most of your project costs, so you can develop for your community and yourself real freedom from the Middle East Oil and the utility firms that you can bet will  constantly be raising your energy costs.

Go to your City Council Meetings and tell them about Lancaster and San Francisco and many other cities you will research that making their Cities Greener & Cleaner.



Date: 6/7/2013
Being British (born that way) having met Tom at a Shanghai PV expo in May, I want to applaud his stance and drive in educating folks about the greater use of solar energy to power our homes, the companies we work for, the community and in our daily travels Working between China, UK and USA sadly costs air miles, but outside of this, I do my bit to reduce my carbon foot print and have done since I entered into the renewables business 25 years ago, along with my friend Norm, in Eureka, CA.

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