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Your foreign country, city, or business may qualify for EXIM Bank guaranteed funding up to $100,000,000 USD:  Let us help you with long-term financing on your solar powered building envelopes, your island's solar & wind powered micro-grid electric systems with battery storage to replace diesel fuel.  Cheap reliable solar/wind power will make hydroponics and greenhouse farming systems possible with low cost salt water desalination. Ten's of thousands of islands rely on expensive diesel power.  Our island power systems using solar and wind will allow you to apply your diesel savings over 6-9 years to pay for your system, giving your island or community low cost energy allowing your community to prosper commercially and improve living conditions. 

5G micro wave/radio investment of nearly $1.0 Trillion in 2019 - 2022 requires antennas and boosters every 500 feet.  G-P LLC Solar LED Smart Street Lights are best in North America for 5G power and pole attachment.  G-P customers have proven our solar LED street lights to be highly reliable 24/7 with zero  failures in the hot S.E. and S.W. United States.  Our Solar Led Street Lights have 84.0Ah of lithium battery and smart controller insuring power to 5G antenna and booster units.  G-P even offers CCTV cameras and audio able to control up to 250 units with one controller...providing reliable 5/G communication and data even with grid power failures.  Using grid powered street lights and utility poles will not provide emergency power to support 5G when grid is down.  Be smart with G-P Smart Solar LED Street Lights.

           As a 100% Vietnam veteran owned small business, VA CVE Certified VOSB, we take pride in having great prices, the best quality, and over 800 construction and energy related items!  Gleason Partners LLC has been granted CVE certification by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA, as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) and is eligible to participate in Veterans First Contracting Program opportunities with the VA.  Also, Gleason Partners LLC is listed with SAM and qualified to bid on government prime, sub-contract, and commercial goods contracts.  Cage Code:  7MMB6... DUNS #:  078586775 

Gleason Partners has filed for Patent Protection on several of it's building energy generating and building ZERO CO2 architectural products that shall contribute to significant reversal of future global warming.  We are promoting our building envelope products and building designs  world-wide for new and rehab commercial buildings and high rise structures, including skyscrapers in NYC.  Many nations and several American States are committed to Zero CO2 emissions by 2050.  Our building energy systems contributes greatly to buildings powering themselves and hopefully one day reversing Global Warming, while offering rapid returns on investment.

Our distribution center closest to you will ship your order. Our Las Vegas or Grand Rapids facilities will ship direct to you, with most of our customers in the 48-States receiving their order within 3-5 days.  We ship world wide directly from factory for larger and special orders.  We handle all logistics to your site in USA or major sea ports throughout the world using best mode of transport with large shipments normally by sea and small special orders direct from factory to customer by air freight or sea if time permits.

We provide concepts and presentations to architects around the world to help them develop building designs that will use our solar building materials.  Our design staff are based out of Belgrade, Serbia.  With the support of Skype, we are able to work closely with our clients to develop the best design and strength for the structures you require.  Our focus is on energy sustainable building systems that involve our World Class Solar Transparent PV Premium Windows and Solar PV Curtain Walls, but we are also ready to assist you with your solar racking for commercial rooftop and solar farms.  We have fashionable tensioned cabling systems for your suspended glass curtain walls and our own "Solar Sail".  We hope we can assist you with your strut and/or solar related construction project.